Redesign of Form I-20
(Certificate of Eligibility for
Nonimmigrant Student Status)
UI/UX design
Form Design
Spring 2019

As an international student, the I-20 form is very important to me. It is a form to show the eligibility for nonimmigrant student status. The original I-20 form is three letter size paper stapled together, so it is easy to be broken and hard to carry safely.

I want to redesign the I-20 form in a way that considers both functionality and visual satisfaction. I think the form should be friendly for carrying and reading.

Staples are fragile, so I decided to design a single-page form. This design also makes the form eco-friendly by using less paper. I decided to make the form can be folded into a dollar's size, so it is easy to be carried in the wallet and also easy to be put into a passport which is always needed with I-20 form at the same time.

I selected DINĀ® Next font to create a clean, structured, technical, and efficiency feeling for reading. Everything is carefully designed.

Original I20 Form
3 pages stapled

Full Page View Front Side/ Back Side

In the redesign, front page shows the most important information of this form, which is also shown on page one on the original form. I kept the travel signature area, the most important thing on the rest two pages, on the left side of the back page. All the rest information on page three of the original form is shown next to the travel signature area.

Detail View Front Side/ Back SideFull page: 17" x 6.14"/ One section: 2.833"(Approx) x 6.14"

The size means the page can be printed on a "common typewriter" with tabloid-size paper. The folded size is almost the same as a US dollar, so this form can be put into a wallet or easily hold by the passport, which makes the long trip easier.