Fall 2019

DayDrink is a healthy tea beverage brand.
No sugar, no calories, use real tea.

Target consumers are urban people who want healthy beverages and should have overlap with LIFEWTR®, ITO EN, and PURE LEAF®. 16 oz can is the perfect size for one-time enjoyment and keeps the flavor always the best. Oil Paintings on the can provide elegant and traditional feeling to the package and help build customers' first impression about these tea drinks flavor.

LogoColor based on the painting used and flavor#FFDF1E#FADDE3#6A8901

This project is the extension of a class project. I was asked to design something by appropriate something from other cultures into my works.

Sugar in drinks is always at a pretty high level to make drinks taste better. This is potentially unhealthy. Even though we have no enough evidence to prove the relevance between free sugars and diabetes, we still need to be careful about free sugars. So I decided to create a healthy tea drink brand with Asian flavor tea and Western-style oil painting package.

Free Sugars in some Drinks
Pure Leaf Lemon
38g/18.5 oz
52g/16 oz
Sanpellegrino Orange
26g/11.15 oz

Class Project Requirments Pick a thing from out in the universe from another culture or time or place. Appropriate it into your own work. The form can be whatever you choose.

Peach Oolong Tea De roze perzikboom - Vincent van Gogh

Rose tea Roses - Abbott Handerson Thayer

Green Tea Lake Lucerne - Albert Bierstadt

These colors match people's impressions about these tea flavors. Low saturation keeps the contrast among label texts can be viewed clearly. Bright and fruitful colors have positive effects. 85% opacity rather than solid block makes the label backgrounds interact with the paintings. This also makes the labels have more versatile feeling.
Detail View

Nutrition Facts label has it's format requirements. I tried to design the nutrition facts label by using the font that fits the brand identity and make some adjustments on typography to the standard format to make the typography better.

At the same time, I put the ingredients, other essential information, and the nutrition facts label into the same block due to massive color on the painting background. This makes the label more united and easy for views to read. The color of texts switch between black and white depends on the background colors which match the front labels' color to make enough contrast for reading.

Detail View Showing Both Labels