Attune Dance Festival
Fall 2019

This is a class project. I was asked to design a dance festival brand by using Cinema 4D to create some elements.

The festival's name "Attune" comes from the album

Attune / Detuneby  MONDO GROSSO

It should be a contemporary dance festival. So I tried to use Cinema 4D to create cloth. Then I made some posters, tickets and Instagram images.

There are also some color lines used on tickets and Instagram posts to make some active feeling.

Color Palette



The cloth elements shown in these three posters are created in Cinema 4D. By using different colors, motion, compositions, and camera angles, I made these posters a united series with different feelings. Because the compositions are strong enough, I didn't make the text bold. Simple but carefully designed typography layouts are the best decoration for the poster.

By cropping the image from posters and adding high contrast color lines, these tickets keep the brand feeling united and can give visitors a bright feeling before they come to the festival. Those color lines can add an active dancing movement feeling onto those harmony backgrounds.

I designed a short animation and a static image for Instagram posts example. They are for showing how the design from the posters and tickets can be transformed.

For the video, I want to create a cloth falling effect to show the logo. The static image is the cropped version of the poster with color lines from the design of the tickets.

Instagram Posts Video/ Image